La Habana



Cuba is an island of extremes, curious mix of tropical paradise and quaint nostalgia. Mostly  known for its rum, its cigars, its colonial beauty and, perhaps, for its revolution. 

I bought the airplane ticket, got my visa and the next day Fidel Castro died. I had been looking forward to heading to Cuba for quite some time and I’m happy I did. I knew it was going to be a beautiful destination, but never thought I would get to experience what life was like when my parents were growing up. I took a journey back in time. 

WiFi here is still very limited, but WiFi zones are easy to find. They are full of Cubans with smart phones. Cuba is one of the last places on earth where getting on the Internet is a hassle. I loved it. Going off line for a while was the best way to enjoy my vacation. 

Havana is a safe city,  and if you feel save you are open to new experiences. We had struck up conversation with the locals and accepted the adventure to be taken around the neighbourhood. Cuba’s nostalgic splendour and its extreme poverty can be found in Havana within blocks of each other. 

TIP: Your budget for transportation depends on how many kilometres you want to travel and how comfortable you want to do that.

Rent – a – car: approximately 100 €\day

Taxi from Havana to: Viñales – 120 €, Cienfuegos – 140 €, Trinidad – 150 €

Taxi colectivo (per person) from Havana to Viñales – 20 €, Cienfuegos – 30 €, Trinidad – 30 €. Taxi colectivo means a taxi that shares cost among all passengers, shared local Cuban taxi are mostly old American and Russian cars.

Cuba flag
havana, Cuba

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Havana. Let me know if you have visited Cuba and how did you like it. If you need any more recommendations, drop me a line.

♥︎ Unta

12 replies to “La Habana

  1. Never been to this part of the world. but to me Cuba seems like a rustic beauty as seen from your lens. Your pictures are very vivid and they have captured the essence, culture, people and other beautiful aspects of Cuba very well. Will definitely visit some day

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  2. That’s beautiful! I think we would love Cuba because of the difficulty in finding a good internet connection. Yes, that is strange. But when we visit another place, we want to experience the place, culture, history, etc. Having easy internet access is too much of a distraction for us.

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  3. My friend went to Cuba day after Fidel Castro died and he said it wasn’t the best time to visit as everyone was very sad, the music wasn’t played everywhere and people weren’t dancing on the street like he was hoping they would. But still its a beautiful place to visit. I am dreaming to visit Cuba one day, I hope Ill make it there one day, its just my husband is American and unfortunelty its a bit more complicated for us. Love your photos!

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