Koh Samui


Travel is good for lots of things, at least from my experience.

I believe travel is something that makes me a better and happier human being, providing new experiences and memories, breaking my routine and allowing me to meet people from all over the world. I feel happy when I’m challenging my boundaries. I’ve learned so much about the world, people, history, culture and about myself. Now I know how to make friends out of strangers or how to adapt my plans to changing situations. When people are away from home, there seem to be less boundaries to cross and making friends becomes much easier. Traveling throws up a lot of bizarre, funny and sometimes serious situations, but those new experiences gave me moments to remember.

I will always remember moments I’ve experienced on Koh Samui, when I woke up at 6 am just to see the sunlight over the sea at sunrise, when I was hanging around with elephants and when I tried mango sticky rice for the first time. The cherished memory will remain my 29 hours long birthday party in a hot climate. I was in Chaweng most of my time on the island, where I spent a fair amount of time relaxing and drinking coconuts on the beach. I was fried from the sun, but that didn’t stopped me to get out and see the city when the sun goes down and the music is turned up. I was very happy, they don’t call Thailand ‘the land of smiles’ for nothing!

TIP: On the beach, get a massage. I have no idea why it feels so different in Thailand. ks01 ks02 ks03 ks04 ks11 ks12 ks10 ks09 ks05 ks07 ks06ks19ks18ks17ks16ks14ks15ks08

If you need any more recommendations, drop me a line.


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