Hi, my name is Kristina Unta and I’m an architect living in Croatia. I’m enthusiastic for everything, especially for travel. The journey itself is my goal, moving and creating temporary harbours where I’m looking for something that city is hiding. It’s love towards the movement.

I share my passion for travel and my love of experiencing new cultures with the hope that I may inspire others to travel more. I have traveled to over 40 countries and spent the past 5 years sharing my personal journey on this website with people around the world.

Favorite destinations: Cambodia, Italy, Netherlands


What does ‘Unta’ mean?

Google says:

in Finnish = dream,

in Indonesian = camel

Also, has nothing to do with my name. Unta is a name I gave myself when I was 2 years old, because I didn’t like the one my parents gave me. Somehow lingered to this day.

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