7 Rila lakes



Honestly this was the best day I have had in Bulgaria, too bad it was my last. I was floating somewhere in between the waking world and a landscape of dreams.

With this post I try to keep a vivid memory of day spent on the Rila mountain hiking between seven enchanting lakes. I have never climbed to a higher altitude than this. The lakes are situated between 2,100 and 2,500 metres elevation above sea level. Seven Rila lakes are glacial lakes and each carries a name associated with its most characteristic feature. Almost like Snow White’s seven dwarves.

1. Babreka – the kidney

2. Okoto – the eye

3. Salzata – the tear

4. Bliznaka – the twin

5. Trilistnika – the trefoil

6. Ribnoto ezero – the fish lake

7. Dolnoto ezero – the lower lake

The lakes are located one above the other, connected by small streams. Patterns and textures found in nature are really incredible and constantly changing. The lakes are crystal clear until they ripple with every gust of wind.

I visited lakes in summer, when temperature is above 10 ºC and the risk of sudden storms is lower. During the rest of the year the weather can be severe, the lakes usually freeze during October, and do not melt before June.

It took me a little over 4 hours to cover the entire trail, with many breaks to admire this place. On the top I sat down on the edge to rest my mind and heart, watching the clouds roll in the distance. I really felt honoured by the complex beauty of this world. Quite tired after such an ascent and descent, I stopped in Sofia just for quick dinner and chased a flight home.

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring around Rila mountain. Let me know if you have visited Bulgaria and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 

♥︎ Unta


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