My summer essentials: bruises, bathing suit marks and hyperpigmentation. This year I earned them all while sailing.

Sailing is one of those activities that I instantly connected with, in an unfamiliar but almost comforting way. Basking in the sun and jumping off the boat into the sea is just small part of the experience. What I like the most is being constantly on the move. Struggling a little bit with some overwhelming elements of my personal life, sailing is really soothing for the soul. Time seems to slow down. I found myself noticeably more silent than usual and a lot more in tune with my surrounds. 

Relaxed, we set sail and admired the stunning scenery of our next destination. Croatia is surely beautiful, but exploring Adriatic coast by boat gives the most spectacular experience of Croatia that I can imagine. We sailed through Zadar channel, passing between islands Ugljan and Pašman, towards Dugi otok (Long island).

Dugi otok is home of Nature Park Telašćica, distinctly contrasted area with quiet and peaceful beaches and a laid down coastline on one side, and wild and steep cliffs on the other. In addition there is a salt lake Mir located in a narrow band of land between the bay and the open sea. The salinity of water in the lake is higher than in the surrounding sea, due to considerable evaporation and closed nature of the lake. I wanted to swim in the lake, but gave up as soon as I reached the depth of my knees. I still prefer deep blue sea.

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring around Telašćica. Let me know if you have visited Croatia and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 

♥︎ Unta


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  1. i plan on visiting Croatia next year to update my yachting license (or whatever it’s properly called), great way to have it all in one go

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