Hong Kong


Hong Kong is considered metropolis, vertical city famous for its skyline. As the matter of fact is the city with highest number of skyscrapers in the world. 

After few days in Kowloon exploring island part of the city, at first, was a little bit difficult. Pedestrian is often forced to climb on the upper level to cross the street, that’s not a bad thing. Once you up, a system of roofed passages takes you around the city, connecting different buildings and shopping malls. That’s the part I didn’t liked, I wanted to feel the city from the outside not through super cold buildings without daylight. As an architect, I love to observe how spaces are designed, and this city is so interesting and challenging to me. 

TIP: Victoria Peak is supposedly the number one, absolute top ‘must do’ in Hong Kong. The view over the city and the islands on the south is very nice if there is no clouds. 

Hong Kong - 24Hong Kong - 29Hong Kong - 4Hong Kong - 2Hong Kong - 1Hong Kong - 5Hong Kong - 10Hong Kong - 4Hong Kong - 3Hong Kong - 1Hong Kong - 11Hong Kong - 7Hong Kong - 8Hong Kong - 9Hong Kong - 13Hong Kong - 6Hong Kong - 7Hong Kong - 8Hong Kong - 27Hong Kong - 26Hong Kong - 25Hong Kong - 28Hong Kong - 5Hong Kong - 20Hong Kong - 14Hong Kong - 2Hong Kong - 35Hong Kong - 9Hong Kong - 32Hong Kong - 31

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Hong Kong. Let me know if you have visited Hong Kong and how did you like it? If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 


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