Hong Kong

Lamma is the third largest island of Hong Kong, provides an alternative to the hectic life in city. No cars, no skyscrapers just bicycles and peaceful scenery.

Due to the rain and being part of the typhoon season traveling to Hong Kong in June is not the best idea, is very hot with high humidity. The average temperature was 35 °C and humidity above 80%. I was warned that I need some luck to have a sunny day during June. Guess what?! I was lucky! I spent 10 amazing days in this part of the world without opening my umbrella.

Day trip to Lamma Island was exhausting but rewarding. Two villages on the island  Yung Shue Wan (Tree Bay) and Sok Kwu Wan (Rainbow Bay) are connected with the trail. It takes roughly an hour to walk from one village to another. My starting point was Sok Kwu Wan, I was welcomed by a streetful of seafood restaurants once I disembarked at the pier. The hike is actually quite easy, but because of the weather conditions I had struggles. I was taking break very often to enjoy the view or to catch (on the photo) huge black butterflies before I get caught by mosquitos. 

I skipped beach and swimming because the appearance of the sea did not meet my standards and hopped on a ferry to the city. 

Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 20Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 1Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 4Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 3Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 2Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 5Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 6Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 7Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 8Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 12Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 11Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 9Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 10Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 14Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 13Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 15Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 18Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 19Lamma Island, Hong Kong - 16

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Lamma Island. Let me know if you have visited Hong Kong and how did you like it?  If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 


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