When I think of Samarkand I see peaks of turquoise and mosaic-covered masterpieces. Restoration efforts haven’t been subtle, so Samarkand has flashier impression than other Uzbek cities. Terracotta eaten away by time is now restored to its former splendour. 

I really enjoyed these few weeks away, immersing myself in the colour, food and simple goodness of exploring foreign places. Anywhere I went I always had a notebook with me, sometimes I just wrote a date or maybe what I did that day, other times I wrote reminders for a certain experience or how I felt while there. For Samarkand I wrote only this:  very delicious and cheap meals. I hope that the photos I took say more. 

samarkand, uzbekistan - 9registan, uzbekistan - 1samarkand, uzbekistan - 4 (1)samarkand, uzbekistan - 3 (1)samarkand, uzbekistan - 5 (1)samarkand, uzbekistan - 2 (1)samarkand, uzbekistan - 10samarkand, uzbekistan - 18samarkand, uzbekistan - 6 (1)samarkand, uzbekistan - 1samarkand, uzbekistan - 19samarkand, uzbekistan - 20samarkand, uzbekistan - 5samarkand, uzbekistan - 6samarkand, uzbekistan - 13samarkand, uzbekistan - 21samarkand, uzbekistan - 12samarkand, uzbekistan - 4samarkand, uzbekistan - 11samarkand, uzbekistan - 15samarkand, uzbekistan - 14samarkand, uzbekistan - 22samarkand, uzbekistan - 25samarkand, uzbekistan - 24samarkand, uzbekistan - 27samarkand, uzbekistan - 28samarkand, uzbekistan - 7samarkand, uzbekistan - 8samarkand, uzbekistan - 26

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Samarkand. Let me know if you have visited Uzbekistan and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 


To my travel companion and beautiful friend Ada, thank you for travelling with me, waking up at crazy hours, helping me with photos, enduring those long rides, for all the sing-a-longs and spontaneous dancing, sharing all the meals, for the sunrises and sunsets. Happy birthday. 

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