Тошкент (Tashkent)


I thought the rainy days in the new city couldn’t be promising, but Tashkent was very entertaining. Solely because of its inhabitants. 

I love taking photos of unknown people, but I always feel a little bit uncomfortable. Traveling in Uzbekistan I was greeted with golden smiles. Here, gold teeth have been considered a symbol of wealth. 

For real oriental shopping experience I explored Chorsu Bazaar. The smiling vendors were flashing gold trying to sell everything from cheap eats and fresh fruits to souvenirs. Lovely lady at the market told me I’m too skinny and gave me a cheese ball to eat. Not only she had a golden smile but a golden heart too. 

It’s easier to get around the city than I thought. Tashkent has a decent metro with some wonderfully ornate stations, stunning example of Soviet architecture at its best. Each station has a manned booth in which you can purchase plastic blue tokens that are used to access the metro and the clock indicating the amount of time that has lapsed since the last train departed, instead of counting down to when the next train is expected.

tashkent, uzbekistan - 1
tashkent, uzbekistan - 1 (4)
tashkent, uzbekistan - 2
tashkent, uzbekistan - 4 (1)
tashkent, uzbekistan - 2 (3)
tashkent, uzbekistan - 3
tashkent, uzbekistan - 4
tashkent, uzbekistan - 1 (3)
tashkent, uzbekistan - 5
tashkent, uzbekistan - 18
tashkent, uzbekistan - 17
tashkent, uzbekistan - 6
tashkent, uzbekistan - 16
tashkent, uzbekistan - 1 (1)
tashkent, uzbekistan - 8
tashkent, uzbekistan - 9
tashkent, uzbekistan - 10
tashkent, uzbekistan - 11
tashkent, uzbekistan - 12
tashkent, uzbekistan - 13
tashkent, uzbekistan - 14
tashkent, uzbekistan - 15
tashkent, uzbekistan - 2 (1)
tashkent, uzbekistan - 1 (2)
tashkent, uzbekistan - 21
tashkent, uzbekistan - 19
tashkent, uzbekistan - 20
tashkent, uzbekistan - 2 (2)

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Tashkent. Let me know if you have visited Uzbekistan and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 

♥︎ Unta

5 replies to “Тошкент (Tashkent)

  1. Wow! A brave person came to Uzbekistan in rainy season – when everything is grey and not-welcoming, and took excellent photos! I am from Uzbekistan and from Tashkent, so I really appreciate Unta for covering my native town in her report! It is such a sweet memory!

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  2. Uzbekistan is super high on my list, hopefully I’ll visit it during 2019! I love that you haven’t only portrayed architecture but also real life. Cool!


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