I underestimated Stuttgart. 

I thought there was not much to do in the city famous for automotive industry, yet I made 37439 steps in one day and haven’t seen everything I wanted. Maybe in a city known for its cars, it is necessary to drive and not walk?!

Most of my time I spent in park, from Oberer to Unterer Schlossgarten. It’s so nice to have such an amazing park in the middle of the city. The water ponds, the geese and ducks add to the beauty of the park. 

As I already mentioned, Stuttgart is home to many automakers including Mercedes and Porsche. I lost the track of time in Mercedes Benz museum, honestly I did’t think it would be so interesting… I just wanted to see the building (professional deformation). 

Do I have regrets? Yes. I didn’t had time to visit the Weissenhofsiedlung, one of the most significant landmarks of modern architecture. Till next time. 

Stuttgart, Germany - 19
Stuttgart, Germany - 21
Stuttgart, Germany - 18
Stuttgart, Germany - 16
Stuttgart, Germany - 22
Stuttgart, Germany - 15
Stuttgart, Germany - 3
Stuttgart, Germany - 2
Stuttgart, Germany - 13
Stuttgart, Germany - 4
Stuttgart, Germany - 5
Stuttgart, Germany - 6
Stuttgart, Germany - 7
Stuttgart, Germany - 10
Stuttgart, Germany - 8
Stuttgart, Germany - 9
Stuttgart, Germany - 11
Stuttgart, Germany - 12
Stuttgart, Germany - 20

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Stuttgart. Let me know if you have visited Germany and how did you like it?  If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 

♥︎ Unta


2 replies to “Stuttgart

  1. Surprisingly I’ve come to like Germany, after visiting my brother who lives in Munich. It’s a pretty big trip for me, as I come from right around Philadelphia in the United States(8 to 10 hour flight). But seeing it on a few trips now, I like the quiet, relaxed mood, as well as the meticulous reconstruction of the city. Also I have been to several beer gardens, which I liked, and I have learned not to jaywalk in Germany. I have some photos up and will be putting more up on my photo blog as I get the urge to write more entries.

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