Скопје (Skopje)

North Macedonia


Hi Skopje! 

I walked towards the heart of the city and find myself among wedding-cake facades that caught my attention. Skopje had a massive, very costly and hugely controversial makeover. If you ask me, it’s absurdity. New buildings with an old, faux-classical look are popping up everywhere and hundreds of statues are being erected all over the city centre. Except the big statue of Alexander the Great, you can find his mother, emperors, politicians, poets, lions, horses… This project has been criticized by many Macedonians as an expensive attempt to fabricate a national identity. I will not criticize anymore, that’s all politics anyway.

Architecture obviously did not impressed me (except for several buildings made in sixties), but people, food and nature around Skopje did. Macedonians are very nice and open, conversation with them always ended up with some interesting personal story.

I wanted to peel back the layers of this unexpectedly delicious city, renowned for its food. I crossed the Vardar river and entered the old bazaar district, the center of life during Ottoman-era, known as Čaršija. This place will take you to the world of filigrees, golden jewellery, rugs and local delicacies. 

Skopje is surrounded with amazing mountains, visible from the center itself. Outside the city lies its true beauty. Citizens of Skopje have localities that enable a real escape into the nature.  Mountain Vodno and canyon Matka should be on your list if you decide to spend few days in Macedonian capital. 

QUESTION: If you find yourself in Skopje, can you count sculptures on the main square? 

Skopje, North Macedonia  - 7
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 19
Skopje, North Macedonia - 18
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 20
Skopje, North Macedonia - 31
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 8
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 14
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 15
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 2
Skopje, North Macedonia - 3
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 4
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 1
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 33
Skopje, North Macedonia - 32
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 16
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 17
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 5
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 6
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 30
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 28
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 29
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 12
Skopje, North Macedonia  - 10
Skopje, North Macedonia  - Vodno
Skopje, North Macedonia, Matka
Skopje, Macedonia, Matka Canyon
Skopje, North Macedonia, Matka 2
Skopje, North Macedonia, Matka 3
Skopje, North Macedonia, Matka 4
Skopje, North Macedonia, Matka 5
Skopje, North Macedonia, Matka 6

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Skopje. Let me know if you have visited North Macedonia and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 

♥︎ Unta

10 replies to “Скопје (Skopje)

  1. It looks like a city that is trying to be reborn. It’s interesting how an empire that ruled the world is now trying to fabricate national identity, like you said. Unfortunately it is about politics. I know in Romania many values have been lost or are on the verge of extinction due to the same “politics”.

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  2. There really are an insane amount of sculptures in Skopje, counting them? That might be hard. :)

    As you say, it is the food and nature that is the most interesting when visiting. I did also really like the atmosphere in the city. It is just so much more alive in comparison with Stockholm. Would like to go back one day. It is one destination that we still recommend people to visit. :)

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