Budapest straddles the Danube with its two constituent parts on opposite banks, Buda and Pest. 

When I visited city for the first time I stayed in Buda, this time I chose the other side. Pest is the commercial heart of the city, best for amble along the streets and admire the architecture. To reach the other side, my favourite side, I had to cross one of the numerous bridges. Most beautiful is the magnificent Széchenyi Chain Bridge. If you have only a couple of days in Budapest, spend at least a morning visiting hilly Buda.

However you intend to fill out your time in Budapest, leave some time to wander at leisure beside the Danube too, because the views across the river are exceptional. Architecturally Budapest is a treasure trove, with everything from Roman ruins and medieval houses to baroque churches and neoclassical buildings. 

TIP: When you’ve had your fill of sightseeing, I suggest thermal baths. Budapest sits on a patchwork of thermal springs, which bath you decide to visit is really a matter of choice. I leave the bath for my next visit. 

Budapest, Hungary 4Budapest, Hungary 5Budapest, Hungary 6Budapest, Hungary 12Budapest, Hungary 7Budapest, Hungary 13Budapest, Hungary 14Budapest, Hungary 10Budapest, Hungary 9Budapest, Hungary 8Budapest, Hungary 2Budapest, Hungary 3Budapest, Hungary 17Budapest, Hungary 18Budapest, Hungary 15Budapest, Hungary 1Budapest, Hungary 11Budapest, Hungary 16Budapest, Hungary 29Budapest, Hungary 30Budapest, Hungary 28Budapest, Hungary 27Budapest, Hungary 25Budapest, Hungary 19Budapest, Hungary 21Budapest, Hungary 23Budapest, Hungary 22Budapest, Hungary 24

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Budapest. Let me know if you have visited Hungary and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 




41 thoughts on “Budapest

  1. Lovely blog you have! Budapest is such a beuatiful place. It felt like love at first sight haha
    What I especially like on your blog is the first page where all the places are presented as bubbles where you can press to read more about a certain place. So cool!
    I’m soon going to write about the music venues in Budapest, but I’m busy at the moment to write about the amazing Portuguese trip I had recently.
    Have a nice weekend!

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  3. This is fabulous! I love your photography, its beautiful! I also had no idea that Budapest was split in two, and that one side is called Buda, and the other Pest. Making it Budapest. That is so interesting! Thank you for sharing:)

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  4. Budapest is one of my favorite cities in Europe and not yet as touristy as Rome or Paris. Plus it has usually good weather there. And I love the thermal baths, this is definitely a must-do when in Budapest!

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  5. Beautiful photos! I LOVE Budapest. I’ve been there twice now and can’t wait to go back. Fisherman’s Bastion is my fave, but I have yet to do a thermal bath ;) next time!

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  6. I want to go back to Budapest, as my husband has never been. I loved the spas, especially the wave machine in the Gellert. Love your shot of the city by night

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  7. Your pictures are lovely – they capture the beauty of the city and moody/grey day you visited. I too found Budapest to be a wonderful, gorgeous city to explore. I did visit the Szechenyi Baths which are outdoors. It was an Autumn evening when we went and the air was pretty cold, but that makes the warmth of the baths so much more enjoyable. Would highly recommend a trip on your next visit.

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  8. A lovely collection of photos! I have been to Budapest for only a very short time, and would love to go back and explore it more. I was completely fascinated with its beautiful architecture and had a great time walking around with my camera. Pretty much like you did!

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