It is so easy to instantly switch to island life. The moment I’m seaside I feel at home.

Things in life come and go just like the seasons, and I’m slowly learning how to enjoy those changes. I feel like there is so much more, waiting to be uncovered, hidden around the corner. Looking back on these photos reminds me how happy I am. 

Beautiful beaches, golden sand and warm days are what the island of Mallorca is famous for. First day in Palma de Mallorca my friend and I woke up early in the morning to experience it’s beauty on our own. Palma has striking seafront, with palm trees on the promenade and iconic cathedral dominating the skyline. My personal favourites were dancing in the streets and roaming around the quaint, ancient district of Sa Llotja.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain 2Palma de Mallorca, Spain 3Palma de Mallorca, Spain 4Palma de Mallorca, Spain 19Palma de Mallorca, Spain 7Palma de Mallorca, Spain 5Palma de Mallorca, Spain 6Palma de Mallorca, Spain 1Palma de Mallorca, Spain 8Palma de Mallorca, Spain 9Palma de Mallorca, Spain 10Palma de Mallorca, Spain 11Palma de Mallorca, Spain 13Palma de Mallorca, Spain 14Palma de Mallorca, Spain 16Palma de Mallorca, Spain 17Palma de Mallorca, Spain 15Palma de Mallorca, Spain 20Palma de Mallorca, Spain 22Palma de Mallorca, Spain 21

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Palma de Mallorca. Let me know if you have visited Spain and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 


33 Replies to “Palma de Mallorca”

  1. Photos are great! Palma the Mallorca is on my list of places to go for a quite some time now and I am sure I could switch to an island mode in one second as well :)

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  2. Your photos only are testament of why I love Spain so much.The colour, architecture, weather, food and so more. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. I have yet to get to Palma de Mallorca but will be soon.

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