Day trip to the picturesque town of Calp, easily recognised thanks to the stunning Penon de Ifach.

The winding cliff road has dramatic views but it’s lined with villas and apartment buildings creeping up the hillside. One building (La muralla roja) caught my eye immediately, you’ll see why once you start scrolling through the photos below. The graphic shapes, the greenery, the sea, the sunshine and the striking colours that cover the outer and inner facades. The project appears as if it is emerging from the rocky cliffs it sits on. Walls alternate between red, lilac, pale pink and blue, whilst the deep azure of the Balearic sea backdrop. 

Make sure you also spend some time on the beach and don’t forget bathing suit, like I did. 

TIP: La muralla roja (Spanish for ‘The red wall’) is a housing project by architect Ricardo Bofill. If you like his work you can find several projects in this area. 

Calp, Spain 1
Calp, Spain 20
Calp, Spain 26
Calp, Spain 11
Calp, Spain 18
Calp, Spain 19
Calp, Spain 21
Calp, Spain 25
Calp, Spain 23
Calp, Spain 2
Calp, Spain 22
Calp, Spain bofil
Calp, Spain Ricardo Bofil
Calp, Spain 3
Bofil Muraja Roja
Calp Muraja Roja
Calp, Spain 12
Calp, Spain 13
Calp, Spain 24
Calp, Spain 16

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Calp. Let me know if you have visited Spain and how did you like it. If you need any more recommendations, drop me a line.

♥︎ Unta


4 replies to “Calp

    1. Sure you did.
      The places you visit often leave a mark on you and you carry the experience with you.

      Your total personality reflects the places you travelled and your attitude towards life.
      Over and above that your simplicity in doing things with extra care and details is adorable and inspiring in its own way.
      Cheers !

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