Despite having limited time in Cuba, I ended up spending almost a week in Trinidad.

I always had the ability to feel comfortable wherever I am. I do my best to blend in, which is not that easy. I just love the process of discovering and photographing new places. Photography provides a visual record of places visited, but at it’s best, it can provide an insight to the world and all its diversity. Through these travels, my experiences continue to shape my life. I expect to keep doing this forever, because there are too many places in the world still to see. 

It’s so easy to find something fun to do in Trinidad. Everyone here seems to either play music or dance. Charming colonial colourful houses and free music make the entire town a playground. And I like to play. Every time I look at this photos I can hear the music in my head, and I’m thrown back to this amazing country, and all those nights full of joy.

Is there something you always do when traveling? 

TIP: Playa Ancón is probably the best beach on the southern coast of Cuba. Clear blue water and lovely white sands are just 12km away from Trinidad. 


I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Trinidad. Let me know if you have visited Cuba and how did you like it. If you need any more recommendations, drop me a line.


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