This place reminds me of Edward’s Scissorhands movie, dramatic landscape, houses  and cars painted in bright colours. 

Viñales is a tiny agricultural town that occupy one of Cuba’s most beautiful natural corners. I had a fun filled few days of chasing sun and horse riding through endless fields of green tobacco, that will eventually become some of the best cigars in the world. I have fallen in love with each place I have visited, but I’m sure that there will be other parts of the world I’m yet to explore which will be the same.

Casa Particular is the perfect stay in Cuba, private homestay. Houses are interesting examples of colonial architecture, mostly wooden houses with porches. One of the best parts of traveling the country is meeting local people, so sit back on a rustic porch and enjoy a slice of real rural Cuba.


I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Viñales. Let me know if you have visited Cuba and how did you like it. If you need any more recommendations, drop me a line.



12 thoughts on “Viñales

  1. This place reminded me a lot of villages in Java or Sumatera in Indonesia. The farm, the houses, the buffaloes, the cows, the narrow street… I found lots of similarities.

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  2. It’s a bit weird to say: while Cuba sounds to be a famous travel destination, seems like they have many rural part of the area. Wondering which is the real side of Cuba. Anyway I shd visit there one day!!

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  3. Your beautiful pictures make me wanna go back to Cuba ASAP! I have been there 10 years ago, but it was a resort type of vacation in Varadero and I haven’t got a chance to go to Viñales unfortunately! I am looking forward to see all the changes and what Viñales has to offer!. Would love to do horse riding through the tobacco fields – that looks so awesome on your pictures. Since there is more flexibility now when it comes to accommodation, Casa Particular would be my choice too! Safe travels!


  4. That looks like a very rustic place. Gotta love the borseback ride. I love your photos and how you tell your story. More powerto you blog.

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  5. Love your pics of Viñales! I hope to see the land of my mother next year and Viñales is definitely one of the spots I want to visit. Personally it is because I love the cigar culture and to see the farms and the rural culture seems very interesting to me.

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