Georgia, USA

Instead of Big Apple (as I always planned), my first American experience was the Big Peach. I guess that’s the beauty of having friends in different parts of the world, never know where you’ll end up.

Talking about big, in America bigger is always better. Big roads, big cars, big meals. If you ask for a small sized meal or drink, you’ll receive a confused look in return. I spent considerable time in Atlanta and really had a good time. For anyone visiting the area I’ve written a little guide below.

TIP: Where to eat? Home Grown is a favorite neighborhood hangout spot and perfect place for brunch. Their ‘comfy chicken biscuit’ (crisp fried chicken and buttery biscuit drowned in creamy sausage gravy) it’s so delicious. You can’t leave Georgia without tasting some comfort food. 

Museums? Center for civil and human rights. Highly recommend this museum for everyone visiting Atlanta. This place left a mark on me that I will never forget.

What to do? NBA. Atlanta Hawks vs. Houston Rockets was my first basketball game ever. Atmosphere was pretty intense and so much fun. 

p.s. Don’t forget to drink Coca-Cola, it’s invented here. 


I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my  time adventuring through Atlanta. Let me know if you have visited USA and how did you like it. If you need any more recommendations, drop me a line.




6 thoughts on “Atlanta

  1. Your experience and your pics are really beautiful! I have never been to America, but I know that in this fantastic country, everything is big :) And I love Coca-Cola :)

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