Malmö is the most industrialized city of Scandinavia and its fast development can be seen by the rapid growth of modern buildings.

For a Scandinavian city is blessed with relatively mild weather, making it perfect for a city break. With two bustling squares in the old town, full of bars, shops and cafes is easy to explore, but my favorite part is Västra Hamnen (Western Harbour). This huge reclaimed area in front of the city’s medieval center, that used to be a shipyards, now is  environmentally friendly neighborhood and the envy of architects worldwide. No two buildings are the same.

Malmö, Sweden 4Malmö, Sweden 2Malmö, Sweden 12Malmö, Sweden 1Malmö, Sweden 3Malmö, Sweden 5Malmö, Sweden 6Malmö, Sweden 7Malmö, Sweden 8Malmö, Sweden 9Malmö, Sweden 10Malmö, Sweden 11Malmö, Sweden 13Malmö, Sweden 16Malmö, Sweden 14Malmö, Sweden 17Malmö, Sweden 18Malmö, Sweden 15Malmö, Sweden 19Malmö, Sweden 20Malmö, Sweden 22Malmö, Sweden 21Malmö, Sweden 23

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my  time adventuring through Malmö. Let me know if you have visited Sweden and how did you like it. If you need any more recommendations, drop me a line.



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