Naples is really chaotic, rough, vibrant and unique. It has an energy unlike any other city in Italy and is a lovely place to wander and discover the Italian lifestyle.

The ubiquitous laundry hangs in the sun while scooters speed down tiny but crowded alleyways. These are somehow shabby and elegant at once.  Adjusting to the local tempo is the name of the game in Naples. This is a city full of mystery, legend and wonder but also full of magic, superstition and numbers. Superstition, along with pizza, is one of the most known features of the Neapolitan people. There are a lot of different charms and talismans used against the bad luck (horseshoes, the number 13, cornicello – charm resembling a red pepper and many others).

Most Neapolitans are more than happy to learn about where you come from and to share a story about their city. My favorite moments were talking with people who really love this chaotic part of the world. A great way to get a taste of Naples. There is something incredibly intriguing about this beautiful coast line with Vesuvius in the background. I genuinely count down until I can get back there again.

TIP: Definitely eat some pizza napoletana while you’re there.
Napoli, Italy 19Napoli, Italy 20Napoli, Italy 22Napoli, Italy 23Napoli, Italy 21Napoli, Italy 18Napoli, Italy 4Napoli, Italy 5Napoli, Italy 1Napoli, Italy 2Napoli, Italy 3Napoli, Italy 24Napoli, Italy 15Napoli, Italy 16Napoli, Italy 14Napoli, Italy 17Napoli, Italy 13Napoli, Italy 25Napoli, Italy 12Napoli, Italy 11Napoli, Italy 6Napoli, Italy 7Napoli, Italy 8Napoli, Italy 9Napoli, Italy 10Napoli, Italy 26Napoli, Italy 27

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Napoli. Let me know if you have visited Italy and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 


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24 thoughts on “Napoli

  1. Oooh I love your photos it looks like a brilliant place to explore.

    Is it quite polluted? The photos lok quite hazy, so I was wondering if that was down to air quality? We had to move away from London due to the terrible air quality, so I am not sure I am ready to visit another place that makes my astma terrrible. :(

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  2. Beautiful pictures indeed! .. We were in Naples last year when our cruise had docked there for a day. I am sad that we didn’t have much time to see the city as we went on our Amalfi tour :)… Loved this post – makes me want to go back !

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  3. Naples is definitely a different flavour of Italy. Your pictures bring alive in vibrant colour this perspective of Italy.Have not been to this part of Italy yet and hope to during our next sojourn there.

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  4. This collection of photos from Naples sums up the spirit of the city so well. We have passed through Naples twice, once on the way to Capri and once while enroute to Pompeii, never stopped. But I can relate very well to all the pictures here. Naples is very pretty.

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  5. I haven’t been to Italy yet, but I think I would love to wander through the streets and see the laundry hanging and kids playing out in the streets. Of course, pizza would be a must-eat. It might be fun to take a cooking class as well. Your photos are amazing. I love that you were able to capture the city from up above.

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  6. Wonderful photos – I’ve only passed through Naples, but these photos give a real flavour of the city. I’d really like to spend some time there and am intrigued by your comments about the superstitions. Italy is one of my favourite places in the world and I understand why you are so keen to go back there.

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  7. Wow, your photos are great! I think they capture the city very well. I stopped briefly on the city one but didn’t have the time to explore and walk around. I want to visit since everything related to the city sounds fascinating. In addition, descriptions of it remind me of a Latin American country.

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  8. You have captured very well the beauty and the chaos of Napoli. I was there a few years ago and fell in love with its unique lifestyle.

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  9. Beautiful photos! We didn’t get a lot of time to enjoy Naples as we shot through to Pompei but the photos make me want to go back (especially for more pizza!)

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