Milford Sound

New Zealand

New Zealand’s geography can present challenges. The country’s length  and its division into two main islands, make travel time consuming. I’ve linked my routes together for an exploration of the whole country.

The sun had still not risen above the huge mountains when I set for the majesty of Milford Sound. A place to connect with a natural environment of sea, mountains and sky. Even approach was spectacular, landscapes passed by me, waterfalls, forested valleys and lakes. Almost hypnotized, I leaned my head against the window. I kept thinking about past weeks in New Zealand. Time has flown so fast. Moments later I was standing on the boat and in front of amazing masterpiece of nature. Most of the day I spent in silence. 

TIP: Whatever the season, be prepared for anything. The weather is notoriously changeable, bring plenty of warm clothes, even in summer.

Milford Sound, New Zealand 2Milford Sound, New Zealand 1Milford Sound, New Zealand 3Milford Sound, New Zealand 4Milford Sound, New Zealand 5Milford Sound, New Zealand 6Milford Sound, New Zealand 10Milford Sound, New Zealand 8Milford Sound, New Zealand 9Milford Sound, New Zealand 11Milford Sound, New Zealand 14Milford Sound, New Zealand 15Milford Sound, New Zealand 16Milford Sound, New Zealand 17Milford Sound, New Zealand 18Milford Sound, New Zealand 19Milford Sound, New Zealand 20

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Milford Sound. Let me know if you have visited New Zealand and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 


3 replies to “Milford Sound

  1. Jo and I were JUST talking over coffee this morning about how we desire to travel to New Zealand next year! Your pictures are breathtaking, making us to go there even more. It looks like such a beautiful destination! Thank you for sharing.

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