I’m enthusiastic for everything, I love new places and sometimes I don’t have to go far away to experience them. Journeys to Ljubljana are always short but very rewarding, rich in atmosphere.

It seems this little capital is one of those hidden secrets of Europe. Architect Plečnik for me is the first association to Ljubljana, his work is all over the city.  But the weirdest part of Ljubljana is the area referred to as Metelkova. This area was squatted by artist and now is a nightlife heaven. I love coming back and spending time adventuring with good friends.

My favorite time to visit Ljubljana is during Christmas holidays. Ljubljana city center has unique light installations, contributed by artist. On the river bank are situated stands serving roasted chestnuts and mulled wine. Seemed like the perfect fit.  

TIP: Don’t forget to visit Ljubljana castle, it offers an outstanding view over the city.

Ljubljana, Slovenia 11Ljubljana, Slovenia 20Ljubljana, Slovenia 12Ljubljana, Slovenia 13Ljubljana, Slovenia 14Ljubljana, Slovenia 15Ljubljana, Slovenia 16Ljubljana, Slovenia 21Ljubljana, Slovenia 9Ljubljana, Slovenia 10Ljubljana, Slovenia 18Ljubljana, Slovenia 17Ljubljana, Slovenia 6Ljubljana, Slovenia 7Ljubljana, Slovenia 22Ljubljana, Slovenia 19Ljubljana, Slovenia 23Ljubljana, Slovenia 25Ljubljana, Slovenia 24Ljubljana, Slovenia 8Ljubljana, Slovenia 1Ljubljana, Slovenia 2Ljubljana, Slovenia 4Ljubljana, Slovenia 3Ljubljana, Slovenia 5

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Ljubljana. Let me know if you have visited Slovenia and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 



26 thoughts on “Ljubljana

  1. I love Ljubljana but haven’t been since 1988 ~ boy that’s been a very long time! It is still as beautiful as I remember it and hope to return some day!

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  2. I’ve always wanted to go to Slovenia and visit Lake Bled. Enjoyed seeing your beautiful pictures of what it looks like around the city.

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  3. I was in Ljubljana last year in October 2016! Such a wonderful city to explore! Though your photos totally did this place justice! Makes me wanna go back and take better photos, lol.

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  4. I’ve never been to Slovenia before, but this looks beautiful! I loved your photos of the architecture and buildings – Ljubljana looks like such a magical place to visit!

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  5. Haven’t been to Slovenia for so long that it feels as if I’ve never been :) Ljubljana looks beautiful and I keep hearing nothing but great impressions from people who visited. Might have to look into booking a weekend trip.

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  6. What a cute city, I’m always fascinated by how cosy and tiny a European capital can be, and Ljubljana definitely has those features. I haven’t been there yet, the only part of Slovenia where I’ve been was just across the border from Trieste, on the mountains. Such a pretty areas, and we stayed in a lovely quirky hostel in the middle of nowhere and it was so peaceful!

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  7. Lovely photo diary, Unta! I’m moving to Germany next year and the goal is to visit as many countries in Europe as possible. Gonna refer to this post when I visit Slovenia :)

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  8. I loved traveling in Slovenia. This city was a real highlight and underrated find. I would love to return because we only managed to stay one night on a tour. The photos you took are stunning! Makes me want to return now.

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  9. I really enjoyed my time in Ljubljana when I was there in summer, so this does bring back memories :) Metelkova was pretty cool, but I saw it during the day, so guess I have to go back!

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