New Zealand

What does a holiday mean to you and how do you spend yours?

I try to dedicate a few weeks a year to myself, to find the balance for the months ahead. For me holiday means activity, swimming in the sea, walking around the cities, hiking if I have to, brainstorming new ideas. I can’t imagine myself anywhere more than three days doing nothing but just resting. 

One thing you must do when you’re in Kaikoura is to go whale watching. I went by plane. Panoramic flight with stunning views along the spectacular coastline and whales in their natural environment. I can’t explain the odd sensation I felt when the first whale showed up. Maybe I can, happiness mixed with dizziness?! Only from the air I could see the full size of the mighty whale. This has truly been one of the best highlights I’ve had during this journey. 

Kaikoura is the place where the mountains meet the sea and it’s full of wild life. There really is something so refreshing about New Zealand, it’s hard enough to get here and to forget.

TIP: Don’t try to cuddle the seals, they are aggressive and transmit diseases.


If you need any more recommendations, drop me a line.


18 thoughts on “Kaikoura

  1. I was there in January this year…It is absolutely amazing. I was flabbergasted when i met the seals, dolphins and whales in their own habitat. I treasure the memories


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