New Zealand


18000 km away from home.

This was my longest trip ever. It took me almost 40 hours to come back home (27 hours spent in the air) and it was worth it. I was not planning vacation in New Zealand in the near future, but then my dear friend decided to move there. Even before she left, without thinking, I bought the ticket to visit her. I had such an incredible trip, I took so many  photos, sorting through them all seemed so daunting and time consuming. Now as I am home it is the perfect time to deal with that.

Auckland should be judged by its surroundings. Volcanoes are part of the city landscape, but not in dramatic way. Beautiful green hills with stunning views over downtown and the metropolis are everywhere. I enjoyed spotting rainbows, volcanoes and city landmarks from the tallest building in the southern hemisphere.

Summer in January. Sun. Warmth. If I could give myself one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. Wear sunscreen Unta! Aimless wanderings and desire for sun have left marks on my skin.

TIP: What really makes Auckland so special are the suburbs of the city.

Auckland, New Zealand 6
Auckland, New Zealand 7
Auckland, New Zealand 8
Auckland, New Zealand 10
Auckland, New Zealand 11
Auckland, New Zealand 1
Auckland, New Zealand 2
Auckland, New Zealand 3
Auckland, New Zealand 4
Auckland, New Zealand 5
Auckland, New Zealand 9

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Auckland. Let me know if you have visited New Zealand and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below.



16 replies to “Auckland

  1. Funny isn’t it how the most unexpected trips can be one of the most memorable! Good to know that you had a good time.. Your have definitely captured Auckland at its finest! Cool photos, btw! ;)

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  2. I came looking for your blog and I having a good time reading about the places you visited.
    Also wondering about the time and effort you took to click the pictures.
    The one which has the road between the jungle – did it happen suddenly ?
    How do you prefer to commute between places of the country/city you visit ?

    Also the one, where you take a click of the top view of the Santa Claus.

    What goes on in your mind, are looking for taking pictures or they happen while you go
    Do you pause when you see something and click it
    Or you are waiting to capture that one perfect frame

    Your combination of a Photographer + Traveler, (Traveling Photographer or Photographic Traveler) is killer.


    1. Hi, most of my photos happen spontaneously. Sometimes I take a lot of photos, but in the end I just pick favourite 15-30 photos to publish on this blog. To tell the story about the place I’ve visited and how I’ve experienced it. I don’t have in mind how my blog post will look like. I just try to enjoy every moment.
      The road between the jungle is actually the place a visited and stayed there for a while.
      Every destination for me is different, so even traveling between places is always different. Buses, cars, boats, planes, trains, bikes, tuk-tuks…and sometimes just walking.

      Have a nice day. :)

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    2. OK Girl

      Anytime you plan to come to India
      Remember someone is eager to accompany you in your travel journey.

      It will be amazing to our world with your eyes.

      Keep Traveling.

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