Bangkok getaways. Getting around the country can be really fun and filled with unexpected experiences. The bus network in Thailand is reliable and is a great way to see the countryside and sit among locals, but the craziest rides I’ve had were in minivans. Just don’t sit in the front and fasten your seat belts. When it comes to timing drivers are very relaxed, very often late and very often without explanation. That’s just the way it is here.

Few hours from Bangkok, Kanchanaburi offers a quick jungle escape and slower rhythms of provincial towns. One of the most famous river in the world, Kwai is the lifeblood of Kanchanaburi (the river has gained international fame due the construction of the ‘death railway’ in the WWII). Around the promenade by the bridge are numerous market stalls selling the usual souvenirs where I bought ‘temple pants’. When visiting a temple it is very important to dress modestly and to take shoes off before entering any temple that contains Buddha image. Covered to the ankles I visited Tiger temple or Wat Pha Lung Ta Bua, Buddhist temple in the forest that was founded as a sanctuary for wild animals, among them several tigers.  

TIP: Language. I have not learned a lot. 

Hello.       sa-wat-dee

Yes./No.   chai/mai

kch12 kch11 kch16 kch15 kch14 kch13 kch08 kch10 kch07 kch06 kch05  kch03 kch01 kch02

If you need any more recommendations, drop me a line.


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