หมู่เกาะสิมิลัน (Koh Similan)


Traveling is one of the biggest blessings in my life. Spiritual adventure, open space and freedom, love towards the movement.

Spending the week on Thai beaches ended up being one of the best traveling weeks of my life and visiting Koh Similan was one of the most memorable moments. Ride by speed boat to the remote islands was really an adventure. This island group in Andaman Sea is a getaway to another world because of the wonders that wait beneath the clear blue waters that surround it. I jumped off the boat several times in to the glowing blue waters,  perfect for snorkeling. The most striking feature of these islands are the huge dark boulders and the white beaches, splendidly picturesque and often deserted.

The biggest impact on me was the luscious nature, I was not anticipating such a beautiful, alive and thriving landscape. This is my happy place.

Koh Similan, Thailand 1Koh Similan, Thailand 3Koh Similan, Thailand 4Koh Similan, Thailand 5Koh Similan, Thailand 6Koh Similan, Thailand 7Koh Similan, Thailand 2

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Similan islands. Let me know if you have visited Thailand and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 


9 replies to “หมู่เกาะสิมิลัน (Koh Similan)

  1. We lived in nothern Thailand for a couple of years and visited some islands. I never heard of this one. It looks amazing! The water looks so perfect! I would love to snorkel there. We’ll have to make sure to put this one on our list for next time.

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  2. I have never been to Thailand, but it looks gorgeous. A few things: 1) can you elaborate more on the beaches or activities that can be had there? The post sort of sounded like most beaches. Other than the pictures, there wasn’t much to make me want to rush to get there. 2) make your comment area more viewer friendly. I had to keep searching around until I finally decided to click on some of the buttons. That’s the only way I found the comment section. Overall, beautiful pictures, just elaborate more!

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  3. The photo diary looks amazing! I’ve been on some Thailand islands, and they all are beautiful in their own way! Hope you had a great time there :)

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