Cars, sport and architecture. This could summarize my second visit to Munich (Oktoberfest was the reason for the first visit).

Drive through Bavaria in winter was magical. A thick pine forest covered with snow seemed like a black and white world. Although surrounded by beautiful nature, this city impressed me with its  architecture. A landmark of modern Munich is also the architecture of its two large sport arenas. The Allianz Arena seen from a distance looks like a big toy. I loved the sweeping tensile structure of Olympic Park (built for Olympic games 1972) that flow continuously over the site imitating the draping of the Swiss Alps. Across the street is BMW Welt, it blends into the context of the architecture of the Olympic Park. I bought my first car here (picture attached).

München, Germany 1
München, Germany 2
München, Germany 3
München, Germany 5
München, Germany 6
München, Germany 7
München, Germany 4
München, Germany 8
München, Germany 9
München, Germany 10
München, Germany 11
München, Germany 12
München, Germany 13
München, Germany 14
München, Germany 15
München, Germany 16
München, Germany 17
München, Germany 18

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Munich. Let me know if you have visited Germany and how did you like it?  If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below.



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  1. Absolutely love that first image! It reminds me so much of the winter feels here in upstate NY, where this is a common sight. There’s just something so grand about nature’s winter wonderland

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