Bom dia! I have to admit Lisbon was not love at first sight, it took me a while to feel the city.

The first thing I noticed, it seemed to be full of happy people. Maybe because of ‘marijuana, hashish‘? I’ve never been offered weed so many times walking down the streets anywhere else in Europe as I have in Lisbon. No matter what, the city has a great atmosphere. It is all up and down. Lisbon has so many hills, which means lots of climbing up winding roads to spectacular views. In general, I had a great view over the whole city whenever reached the end of a steep street. 

Bacalhau (dried cod), prepared in many ways, while in Portugal is a must.  Every day it was on my menu. I even liked the way people say ‘bacalhau’. I stayed in the city’s oldest neighbourhood of Alfama, where almost every single building facade is covered in tiles. The old town is beautiful, as an architect I was more impressed with Expo area. Expo ’98 closed its doors, but this area has a new function, today is thriving, modern and stylish with gardens, museums, commercial areas and modern buildings. This city offers so much and, as an addition, has amazing sunsets.

TIP: Try a night out in Lisbon, the main action is in the Bairro Alto. This neighborhood is different from day to night. 

Lisabon, Portugal 1Lisabon, Portugal 2Lisabon, Portugal 3Lisabon, Portugal 4Lisabon, Portugal 5Lisabon, Portugal 6Lisabon, Portugal 7Lisabon, Portugal 8Lisabon, Portugal 9Lisabon, Portugal 10Lisabon, Portugal 11Lisabon, Portugal 12Lisabon, Portugal 13Lisabon, Portugal 14Lisabon, Portugal 15Lisabon, Portugal 16Lisabon, Portugal 17Lisabon, Portugal 18Lisabon, Portugal 19Lisabon, Portugal 20Lisabon, Portugal 21Lisabon, Portugal 22Lisabon, Portugal 23 ls02

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Lisbon. Let me know if you have visited Portugal and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 


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  1. Great pictures. I visited Lisboa last year and also remember that many people offered weed (and other stuff) on the streets :) But nevertheless the city is very beautiful. A few weeks ago I visited Porto and liked it even more. Portugal is amazing!

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