Hola! Funny thing that I bought airline tickets to Barcelona with so much fear, it was the first time I planed the trip without assistance of agencies or friends. Today, I’m not even checking if I have written my name correctly or if I picked right dates before buying tickets. I buy airline tickets instinctively. 

Gaudi, Gaudi and more Gaudi. Gaudi is at the heart of the Barcelona aesthetic. His style and highly individualistic designs makes the city unique. I have never seen architecture like this. Barcelona would be an amazing place to live, with so much things to do and with such an inspiring setting. Here, boredom doesn’t exist. Location of this city is just enviable. Most of the coastline is occupied by the beaches, which is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings. I spent seven days in Barcelona, yet every day felt like a Saturday night. The nightlife is incredible, there is such variety and choice between where you want to go.

I booked a suite in Avinyó Street (Carrer d’ Avinyó), it’s an oldest street in the center of Barcelona. The history says that Picasso’s famous painting “The Young Ladies of Avignon was inspired by a brothel situated in this street. The work portrays five nude female prostitutes and is considered to be start of Cubism and Modern art.

I look forward to my return.

TIP: Don’t miss La Boqueria market while in Barcelona, enjoy an incredible contrast between colours and activity. Full of best Catalonian products, fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood,tapas bars. 

Barcelona 3Barcelona 4Barcelona 5Barcelona 6Barcelona 8Barcelona 9Barcelona 7Barcelona 2Barcelona 1Barcelona 28Barcelona 10Barcelona 12Barcelona 14Barcelona 11Barcelona 13Barcelona 15Barcelona 16Barcelona 17Barcelona 22Barcelona 21Barcelona 18Barcelona 19Barcelona 20Barcelona 23Barcelona 24Barcelona 25Barcelona 26Barcelona 27Barcelona 29

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Barcelona. Let me know if you have visited Spain and how did you like it. If you need any more recommendations, drop me a line.


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