Chocolate. Enough said.

In Brussels, eating chocolate is appropriate at any time and for any reason.

I’ll be seriousBelgium is more than chocolate. It’s waffles, beer, ‘french’ fries, comic books (Smurfs are my favorite),  Jean-Claude Van Damme and it’s a home of the European Parliament. It sounds odd but looking back on these photos gives me nostalgia, even though I’m eating chocolate right now. Brussels was so relaxing and overall happy times. It was so nice to take some time out with wandering and having too many waffles.


Brussels 1Brussels 2Brussels 3Brussels 4Brussels 5Brussels 6Brussels 8Brussels 9Brussels 23Brussels 7Brussels 14Brussels 11Brussels 10Brussels 12Brussels 13Brussels 15Brussels 16Brussels 18Brussels 17Brussels 19Brussels 20Brussels 22Brussels 25Brussels 24Brussels 21

I hope you like this little photo diary I put together to share my time adventuring through Brussels. Let me know if you have visited Belgium and how did you like it. If anyone has any feedback I’d be so appreciative to receive your comments and questions below. 



8 thoughts on “Brussels

  1. I like the idea of photo diary. It’s nice seeing the city in pictures than words. And oh my wow! Those chocolates are looking yummilicious. I might as well do some days in Unta, maybe I’ll put on from being ill. Like some weight, you know.

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  2. Every time I am reading posts about Brussels I am asking myself, how come Ive never been there yet if I live literally 2 hours away! And yeah chocolate is a definitely a word which would make me book my ticket asap! Your photos are very beautiful, looks like you had a great time :)

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  3. Hi! Great photos! I was there last year on a 10 hour layover. I wish I was there longer, you make me want to go back! I never saw any of those fun characters. The buildings are so fabulous, I couldn’t quit looking up! I’m sure I was the typical tourist with eyes wide open! Great for sharing!

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  4. I have to admit, Brussels isn’t my favourite city and just find it like any other cities. I prefer cities like Antwerpen, Brugge and Gent. However I do like your photos here and the chocolates are nice (but the beer is better) :D :D :D

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  5. Nice photos. I was in Brussels few years and event it’s bureaucratic city it is still beautiful. For me, Bruges is probably most beautiful city in Belgium.

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